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    Wang Mengxue thought for a moment and said: ” christian louboutin outlet online I’d have one , but do not know her help does not help ? ” Who ? ” Stuart Jianfeng Chen Sheng asked .” Liu Ting ? ”Yeah , except he who does not believe me ,” Wang Mengxue still askew mellow tone this time the bell rang , inadvertently saw a familiar and yet feel hostile eyes – the eyes of Xiao Xiao , Xiao last two days Shaw is surprisingly honest , he is not afraid of Stuart Janus ’d stir up any trouble , anyway barefoot shoes are not afraid , Stuart Janus is the pair of virtue , the most scary thing to look for him at this time there is no rival outside the school to a dozen dressed in black jeans, upper body, wearing fancy clothes youth, have long hair , short hair , wearing earrings , and to see that not a good class . They watched every move within this school school students with ringing laughter jumping out of the school gates, the king Mengxue as usual from Stuart Janus waiting outside the school , because of his looks beautiful , and that several boys walked in front of the king Mengxue Liuliliuqi said: ” Little girl, you are so cute long , ah, go play with my brother how do we go dancing king Mengxue looked like in front of the people do not bother , dyed green hair ? ? the young man, Wang Meng Xue hand side to ride on the shoulders , side said: ” I did not expect was a cold beauty , Oh, brother like ” ah ”Suddenly he scream , looking at the young man ’s arm does not know what people get when they were dislocated , he frowned while clutching his shoulder while .

    The next person to start asking how it is, the sound of screams also attracted the attention of students around the school , looking around the side of a few rogue king Mengxue ,new christian louboutin shoes because in recent days we are paying attention to the king Mengxue he is too beautiful we all know that he is Stuart Janus girlfriend today to see this group of people around the king Mengxue knew no good , ” Janus , you dawdle doing? your girlfriend in front of the school is surrounded by hooligans . ”A classmate gasped , apparently ran from the school gate specifically told him to come back this time of Zhou also came over and said:” have not walked a Stuart school and Zhou Jianfeng did not speak, but for that students said: ”Thank you, Nie Meng , after talking to you I’m sure there are losers try to help you that a music student Hey said:” You quickly go, the late lose your girlfriend , ”and then turned and left the sword Stuart Zhou Feng turned and said: ”Hurry , the door was bullied Mengxue ” Then he did not notice , there is a person behind secretly laugh at this person officially Xiao Xiao , Wang Mengxue he sent harassing , specifically what purpose, it is understand , let Stuart Janus eat to lose his only solution Jiehen rapid Stuart Zhou Jianfeng and ran to the front of the school , of course, they can only grip the rate of about 50 meters six seconds of ” chick, you kinda fucking cross , ah, directly to my brother wrote the arm , hurried to his recovery , or the presence of so many people face today , gentlemen put you stripped , one by one to ride . ” the word that you have not finished , Wang Meng Xue at a rapid skill will the man ’s jaw was handed down, this time the person next to provoke the powerful people realize , and are drawn to three feet long small piece knife from his waist , a knife will cut . If we say that the king Mengxue knife play , but their fathers , assassination Fox family is knife skills , but a lot smaller than this knife , but the knife was able to dodge the long knife and cut off the line of Liu Ting , 12 small fry that the knife whirl round will be directed at the king Mengxue cut , Wang Mengxue rather than shying away , always able Kandao least bit of difference to her, but like a king Mengxue waltz jump , no trace of tension, very comfortable , and that twelve guys have is tired out of breath , as if to wash the shower in general, sweat kept dropping, coupled with the midday summer sun tan very toxic direct temperature can reach 38 degrees , so that the weather in addition to Wang Meng Xue , Stuart sword Feng, who has a repair , I am afraid that most people do not sweat is impossible being hit full swing , Stuart Zhou Jianfeng and out of school, not far from a group of people to see some of London with a handheld instrument arm , Wang Mengxue such as dancing classes are unafraid cruising interspersed among them , Stuart Janus is not nervous this time , after all, he is not the name of a Thousand Faces white fox came to repair her a few hooligans still more than enough to deal with , the king Mengxue Janus also see Stuart out, so facing these 12 young people make up one of his sorcery ” offer all kinds of the Opera” see all confused , then these people have a fantasy.

    She will look into their hearts wife, holding a knife next to all enemies , (click here) king Mengxue extricates itself , these people began to cut, then stood Jianfeng Zhou and Stuart laughed , the crowd of students do not less , Stuart will be back on the first floor Jianfeng Wang Meng Xue asked: ” Mengxue how to not hurt , right ? ? ” What do you think ? These few idiot could hurt your beautiful , well-behaved Cher wife? ”King Mengxue childish said Zhou are some stand next to , and try not to listen to the king Mengxue speak, she is too attractive trio turned to leave, but they have not gone far , I heard the front of sirens from afar getting closer , but after much thought when two police cars and headed the school , said Zhou grin aside from them gallop : ” hey , did not bubble to the beauty , also brothers out , suffered an injury , but also let the police report , ha ha ha ha Stuart Janus said: ”I did not think you really quite just , ah , I do good limerick is found , one more truth famously charming and moving the king Mengxue Stuart Janus looked at, said. : ”What is it ? Austrian Stuart Janus said solemnly : ” Good people to bully people , good people riding horses Zhou nod, but he said a word meaningful ,” Actually, we can say that the good people bully men and women of good people to ride ”